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The perfect place to relax and unwind

Pokhara's Waterfront Resort lies on the tranquil rural northern shore of the beautiful Phewa Lake. With supremely comfortable, air-conditioned en suite rooms, each with a lake-view balcony, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

In the mornings, as the sun's rays catch the Peace Pagoda above the southern lake shore, you will see fishermen paddling their boats close to the lake's edge pulling in their nets. Climatically and ecologically, Waterfront resort lies in the epicenter of aero-dynamic thermal action where warm breeze of Seti caynon meets with icy cold wind from Himalayas creating a best ‘Hotspot’ for Paragliding and other wind sports in South Asia. Dozens of paragliders land everyday next to the resort. You can watch an action packed drama of paragliding all day long from the balcony of your room while you enjoy a cappuccino.

Because of thermal action, this is also a wonderful place to watch magestic soaring of raptors and ‘birds of prey’ such as Himalayan Eurasian Griffons, Egyptian Vulture, globally endangered Slender-Billed Vulture and Cinereous Vultures. The area is also a fly-way for migrating eagles, including the Steppe and Imperial, as well as Pied and Hen Harriers and Common Buzzards. Waterfront resort is situated in the confluence of Harpan river and upper Phewa Lake. It creates a best habitat for wetland birds such as little grebe, white breasted water-hen, Common Moorhen. Migratory duck that come for wintering includes Mallard, Common Teal, Gadwall, Ferruginous Duck, Eurasian Wigeon and Red-Crested Pocahrd.

At Waterfront, all waste water including black and grey are treated in a Decentralized Waste Water Treatment system DEWATS with assistants from ENPHO & UN Habitat. This technique is the first of its kind in the region. Water supply in all bathrooms are fully treated from filtration plant. Water in the kitchen and drinking mineral water are treated in a RO treatment technique.